Monday, December 12, 2011

Whipped Cream Dispenser

I just had a very strange conversation with a friend on the phone - Dave (not real name) was telling me all about his newest and bestest gastronomic purchase. A whipped cream dispenser which you would have thought was good for only one thing - that is unless you think about those brain-fried hippies that have no thoughts of whipped cream on their mind at all as they scatter their used cream chargers around the fields of southern land. If Wordsworth was around today then I suspect his focus would have been not so much focussed ion the daffodils and the clouds as he wandered over Malvern but on the crunching cream chargers that he found underfoot.

I feel myself going off on one here  so bare with me regarding the "Dave" and his Dispenser story - because not only is it important to note that Nitrous Oxide is the hidden green house gas - so forget about the fact that whipped cream contributes to global warming from two possible angles - both the cow's methans gas exuding rear but also the cartridges that make the cream whip. Is there even a more degrading process than this? It's not like you can't fluff the damn stuff up with a fork anyway!!!

enough anger, calm, calm...

Right back to Dave - actually it hardly seems worth bothering now - but he thinks his dispenser makes the best chocolate mousse ever. Add cream, melted chocolate and then fill with the dreaded earth destroying N2O before throwing out a dubious looking brown coil of fluffed up chocolate cream!

Moon Rise

Quick question - if you could be awake all night or all day which would you choose?

The thing is being awake all night you would miss out on company and people - but would get a whole new perspective on what it's all about.

This is not a vampire related thing - it is more to do with what you might or might not get up to at night. I love wandering the streets at night when nobody else is about to get in my way - the buildings take on as much grander appearance - indeed I'd go so far as to say that the architecture owns the night!

Not in a cheesy Bladerunner sort of way but in a genuine - the buildings come to dominate when nobody else is around, sort of way.